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Moth Looking Glass Acrylic Keychain

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1.5” x 2.15”

  • Tabitha

    It’s one of the first times many people went out of their way to compliment my earrings. I always love earrings because they make me feel so confident and let me tell you, these beautiful red bow earrings have definitely made me feel that today. They are so beautiful and the pearl chain is the perfect combination to go along with it! SO GORGEOUS. Definitely 10/10. I love my animal earrings from this seller too! :) they’re all some of my favorites. These bows are just the best! Love love love.

  • Melynie

    These earrings are SUPER cute & unique. They’re excellent quality & truly lightweight, I was worried about that. The seller definitely made me feel appreciated with the packaging and personalized thank you note. I love supporting small business and will definitely be purchasing from her again in the future! Can’t wait to wear my v-day earrings 😍

  • Alyssa

    Oh my gosh, they’re so cute! Absolutely love them! A Reel of hers popped up on my explore page showing her cute earrings and I jumped on the opportunity to buy them, so glad I did because now they are sold out! :)